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Welcome to New Wave Plastics:

Consider the financial ramifications of throwing away your plastic waste. Each time you haul your polyvinyl chloride (PVC) scrap to the landfill, you potentially throw away thousands of dollars with it. At New Wave Plastics, we make it easy for companies to save money with our comprehensive plastic recycling services.

We do much more than recycle PVC scrap. We provide baling, grinding, bulk blending, compounding and granulation services from our 120,000 square foot processing center located in Cleveland, Ohio. We guarantee that from start to finish, our experienced staff will oversee all your recycling needs.

With New Wave Plastics, you can instantly reap the financial benefits of reusing your own PVC materials. We guarantee you will receive only the finest PVC rolls and sheets, as well as other products that match in every way the quality of new plastic resources.

See for yourself the difference that recycling your plastic waste can make to your bottom line. Complete the form on the right to receive additional information about our easy and cost-effective plastic recycling services!